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China Seas Voyaging Society



CSVS is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization established for educational and charitable purposes. Examples of services to be administered are:



CSVS has a ten year lease for the use of a Chinese Junk, lug-rigged motorsailing yacht, The Intrepid Dragon II. This sailing yacht was designed by H.W. Fong and J. Trovers. The yacht was built in 1969 in Hong Kong by the Woo-Ying shipyard. Built of Yucal teak, her passenger capacity is roughly fifty persons. She was the main attraction of the 1984 Tallship Parade out of Long Beach, California. In the 1985 Ancient Mariners Race from San Diego to Honolulu, she led the race for nine days.

According to her log books, the Intrepid Dragon II is a likely contender for holding the world's record for the most recorded circumnavigated miles for a Chinese Junk rigged motorsailer. Her voyages have taken her sailing from Hong Kong to the Philippines, on to Borneo, Java, Bali, the Indian Ocean and down to Durban, Capetown, across the Atlantic via St. Helena to Recife, Brazil, up the South American coast and throughout the Caribbean, then along the American east coast and even into the Hudson River. She has, in all total, made two Atlantic crossings and is currently home-ported in Honolulu, Hawaii.





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